About Us

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Inclusive Cosmetology Education for a Diverse Community

Kulture Institute of Cosmetology was founded on the basis of her core values: inclusivity, diversity, equality, and belonging. We seek to fully address the beauty needs of non-straight hair-textured demography by providing our students with a well-rounded approach to cosmetology curriculum learning outcomes.

Our graduating students are paired with seasoned & experienced industry experts and beauty specialists for mentorship to further help in fine-tuning learned skills prior to employment or business start-ups.

Inclusivity in Beauty: Kulture Institute's Mission for Cosmetology

Founded by award-winning cosmetologist and educator, Gladys Afolayan. Gladys has witnessed firsthand in her beauty haven, Creative Mindz Beauty Center ( that clients drive from neighboring cities for a hair appointment after being on a waiting list for months. There is a huge service gap that requires urgent attention, especially with the rapidly evolving demographics of our country and world.

Having recognized this need, the Kulture Institute of Cosmetology was launched.

Our mandate is to:

  • Equip and empower Cosmetology students and salon owners with the skills needed to cater to clients of all ethnicities which will promote inclusivity, diversity, and acceptance in beauty centers.
  • Create awareness of cultural identity that is rooted in Afro-textured hair artistry.
  • Reach an underserved marginalized segment of our community, especially students, who strive to learn about Afro-textured hair, not as an experimental component, but as a skill needed to specialize as a well-balanced graduate of a cosmetology institution.

A Well-Rounded and Balanced Approach to Cosmetology Career Paths.

Kulture Institutes courses provide flexible education options for modern ways of integrating braiding, cornrowing, haircuts, chemical hair altering, and afro-textured hair designs. Our training primarily consists of online and on-the-job learning and will also include mentorship education provided by a diverse group of well-experienced training instructors with decades of years of experience with afro-textured hair.

We will utilize the Apprenticeship Industry Training Education Program model of technical training and work-integrated learning along with a completion certificate to award students at the end of each course. This will provide students around the world with the needed ladder to thrive as we welcome and embrace the diverse beauty needs of clients while setting an example for the world.